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There are several pitfalls use of personal protective equipment

China Wuhan Rainbow Protective Products Co., Ltd. certification
China Wuhan Rainbow Protective Products Co., Ltd. certification
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There are several pitfalls use of personal protective equipment

Myth 1:personal protective equipment to wear don't wear

Theexpert points out, personal protective equipment can eliminate or reduce theoccupational-disease-inductive factors effect on the laborers' health,"occupational disease prevention law" regulation, unit of choose andemploy persons must provide conform to the requirements of the protective equipmentfor workers, and workers have a duty to wear protective equipment.

Erroneouszone 2: workshop without peculiar smell, can need not wear ppe

Theexpert points out, many of the harmful gas is colorless, odorless, tasteless,does not have any warning, do not feel.Even with relish, sensory perception ofthe outside world has limitations and individual differences.Therefore, believethe feeling, too much may cause occupational poisoning.Recommended readingDo not use disposable drinking cups

Myth 3:gauze mask can be used to dust

Normalgauze masks do not as a dust mask.We now use gauze masks are cheap, absorbsweat in summer and warm in winter, but the mask (even if the 16) with a thicklayer of can't protection is easy to cause the pneumoconiosis the harm of dust,dust need special dust mask.

Myth 4: surgicalmasks to gas

Surgicalmasks can prevent diseases spread by droplets, but can't filter poisonousgas.According to different poisons, need to use different filtering effect ofthe respirator.General can be volatile organic gas using activated carbon gasmasks.

Myth 5:dust mask water reuse

Dust maskfilter material can not be washed.Dust mask the efficient filter material isusually used for non-woven materials, some still rely on fiber filter with theelectrostatic charge of respiratory dust.After washing of filter materialmicrostructure damage, cracks, holes appear invisible to the naked eye,electrostatic charge will be a lot of losses, serious loss filtrationperformance.

Protectiveequipment belongs to a kind of passive protection measures, in any case shouldbe the first to adopt advanced production technology, completes the engineeringprotection facilities, to take the initiative to prevent occupationaldisease;In protective facilities will not be able to completely eliminate theoccupational-disease-inductive factors, equipped with appropriate personalprotective equipment for labourers to consider.It is worth noting that the ppeis not everything, any personal protective equipment has its applicability,limitation, need to consider the use of environment and the scope of protectionarticles.

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