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The advantages and disadvantages of non-woven fabrics and uses

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China Wuhan Rainbow Protective Products Co., Ltd. certification
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The advantages and disadvantages of non-woven fabrics and uses

                 The advantages and disadvantages of non-woven fabrics and uses

First, non-woven advantages: 1ventilation;2. filtration; 3. insulation; 4. water absorption; 5. waterproof;6.scalability; 7. not disheveled; 8. feel good, soft. ; 9. Light; 10.flexible,resilient; 11 no directional cloth; 12. Compared with the productionof textilefabrics, high production speed; 13. The low price, can bemass-produced.

Second, the disadvantage of thenonwovenfabric: 1 compared with the woven fabric strength and durability ispoor; 2.Not like other fabrics, like cleaning; 3. fibers arranged in acertaindirection, it is easy to split from the perpendicular direction. Thusimprovingproduction methods recently mainly on preventing division improved.

Third, use of the nonwoven fabric:

(1) medical andhealth non-woven fabrics:surgical clothing, protective clothing, disinfectioncloth, medicine bags,masks, diapers, civilian cloths, wipes, wet towel, magictowel, Counting TowelRoll, beauty products, sanitary napkins , sanitary pads,and disposable hygienewith a cloth;

(2) non-woven homedecoration: carpets,paste wall coverings, tablecloths, sheets, bedspreads,curtains, scouring pads,mops and the like;

(3) Non-wovenclothes: lining, interlining,flakes, stereotypes cotton, all kinds ofsynthetic leather, fabric and so on;

(4) non-wovenfabrics for industrial use;car roof sheeting, filter materials, insulationmaterials, packing bag, geotextiles,coated fabrics and so on;

(5) non-wovenfabrics agriculture: cropprotection cloth, cloth seedlings, irrigation cloth,insulation curtain, etc.

military nonwovens: high-performance fiberbody armor, Caqiangcloth, and other military ground Tuji Bu

other non-woven fabrics: cotton space,noise insulation materials,absorption felt, cigarette filters, tea bags bags,flags, etc.


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